How can it not?

We are defined by energetic molecules that roam through our bodies through the movement of protons, electrons and neutrons.

These same micro movements of protons, electrons and neutrons exist throughout our environment, our world. Yet we ask for proof of existence of spirit or God but not necessarily proof of our own existence.

We are atoms, we are energy and the world is made up of exactly that.  But can you see energy?  Can you hold it in your hand?  No.  But you feel it.  People say things like “I love the energy of that concert”!  Or “I get a funny vibe off that guy”.  Energy, vibes are terms we use so loosely yet are intangible to our eyes and touch.   Do we ask for proof of this energy?

Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet

A British science fiction writer, Arthur C. Clarke, once stated ‘Magic’s just science that we don’t understand yet.’

We as humans ask for proof; proof that life exists beyond our own, proof that there might be other realms, other dimensions, other worlds.  But when we don’t yet have proof, we label things as witchcraft, magic, or airy fairy imagination.

We have come a long way in the past 100 years.  If you told your ancestors that we would have the ability to talk to a person across the country with a hand held device, they might have hung you for witchcraft.   But it has been done; invented by some brave soul that sought the “impossible” to be possible.

Spirituality doesn’t need proof

So this begs the question, was it ever impossible to begin with?  Or does our conscious mind, society, and fear limit us.  If life could exist with limitless possibilities, then what a future we will have! Maybe it just takes the right moment in time to widen our consciousness to discover what has already long been there in the universe waiting for us.

How can science and spirituality co-exist? Spirituality doesn’t need proof; it needs your belief and faith that all is possible.  Science needs proof, but science is just us being human to ask questions to get to what is waiting for us to discover.

On a personal note, this topic was of extreme interest to me because I am an engineer…and a spiritual trance medium.  I did not ask for the ability.  It kind of fell upon me.

Navigating through opening up to the spirit world was confusing, frightening and just down right crazy because my science brain could not get around it.  It was through personal experience and trust within myself of an unseen connection that I began to come to terms with the gifts I was given to do spiritual work.  Reconciling the experience within myself, I asked for proof that what I was experiencing was real.  I was getting information about deceased people that I had never met to complete clarity, I was getting information about future events for friends who would come back in amazement that I would be right.  I was skeptical and just kept trying to find rhyme and reason for these feelings and predictions.

Continue to questions

One day I asked spirit to give me proof.  They told me to have Faith; faith in myself, my abilities, and in them.  And that faith needs no proof.

And I responded, “but joy does!”

So I continued to question and ask for proof  (the engineer in me).

And they continue to meet me half way in this journey.   And true to their word, have not let me down.

Continue to questions and ask for proof and reason. Then maybe in-between your search for magic and science you will find truth.  Whatever truth that resonates with your soul.  Science and spirituality can co-exist , but none of that matters if it doesn’t co-exist within you.

Joy Lin

About the author

I have been involved in energetic healing and spiritual practices for several years now since moving to Australia from San Francisco, California. I am a member of the Australian Energetic Healing Association as a certified Energetic Healer and Reiki Master.

Although my background is in the sciences, I have developed my spiritual abilities of mediumship and healing through the Spiritualist Organizations of Australia. I spend my time balancing both the corporate world as well as the creative world of acting and writing, as an author of SIMPLE LOVE ADVICE oracle cards.

All the while, I take the opportunities to give service where I can.



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