For thousands of years the relationship between science and spirituality has been framed in oppositional terms:  Science is the quest for truth and veracity in knowledge, in its deepest sense. Spirituality is the complete internalization of knowledge, for the betterment of the human condition, both in the individual and the social sense.

the known vs. the unknowable

With these absolute, seemingly irreconcilable,  definitions we are inevitably left with opposing sides of the same coin:  science vs. spirituality , the known vs. the unknowable, material vs. spiritual. The relationship is viewed much like its intellectual cousin, church vs. state—two separate universes, two different intellectual spaces, two parallel worlds separated by a “wall.” This is an artificial and dangerous notion. Both science and spirituality hunger to understand how the universe and humanity work. And pursuit of one without the other is half baked and dangerous for mankind,  society and to the natural world.

ultimate questions

The truth is that both science and spirituality have come to a place where the ultimate questions of matter, creation and our purpose in the world cannot be understood unless both science and spiritualty are accounted for and factored in. As an online magazine and worldwide philosophy, Orbisology believes that the scale of our planet’s problems is too great to be solved without an integrated approach of science and spirituality.

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