How Do You Measure Your Success?


So you have just worked very hard and bought your new car. Are you a success now?

When the car is two years old and the novelty has worn out, are you still a success?

This is an interesting point to ponder. How do we measure our success? Is it by the car we drive, the money we have in the bank, the choices that we make, the freedom we have or the quality times we have with family and friends?

The dictionary defines success as having achieved our goals or having obtained wealth, status, achievements and honour.

Every one of us is an individual and we would all have our true definition and meaning as to what success is. We can be successful in some aspects of our lives and not successful in others. We can be successful in love, in our career, in money, in parenting or in all aspects of our life. Wouldn’t it be good to just feel successful and let that be enough? There is no need for any more, as enough is enough.

So let’s talk about money. We all need money, money is like air, and we cannot live without it. We all have bills to pay, food and clothes to buy and we all like to be entertained. Even when you live off the grid and are self sufficient you still have to have money. Somehow the land you live on will be rented or purchased in the majority of cases. Certainly when we have more money in the bank this allows us to have more freedom of choices that we can make. The bottom line is that money does not make us who we are, it is our beliefs and our behaviours that make us who we are and we are able to change these at will, if we have the desire and motivation to do so.

We have choices in life and a choice we have is to ask ourselves “Do we want to live in the Dead Zone or the Alive Zone?”

There are many of us who choose to be part of the walking dead zone, working at a job we are good at or a job we have to do to pay our bills. So often we get directed to things in life that we academically are good at, our parents want us to do or our career advisor as advised us. We follow the sheeple and do what is expected of us and so we play the game of happy families. The truth of the matter is that a lot of families are just living and existing and they are not bursting at the seams with life.

There are many living out there, chasing the dollar and working hard to get to a certain place, believing that when they reach this certain place the empty feeling inside will subside. When we live like this we are always living for the future and the sad thing about that is that we forget the here and now. Life can pass us by very quickly, children grow up and precious moments can get lost. If you are waiting for enlightenment and to live happily ever after, then keep waiting. Nirvana rarely comes as life continues to bring us more lessons to learn, gifts to bestow and choices. There is always more and it ever ends. Life does reward action, to create success in your life, you need to take action. Action with feeling works even better. Wouldn’t it be nice to be successful in the life you are living now and to create a wealth of precious memories and times?

There are people out there who have financial stability and yet still feel somehow unfulfilled and unsatisfied inside. Then there are people who are happy and content living meagre lives and having simple needs. We are all different….Thankfully. Having lots of money in the bank will never replace emptiness that we feel inside, though it might make living easier. A successful like is one where we find our inner happiness.

Would you like to wake up every morning saying ‘Yipee, another glorious day,’ as we spend our day doing what we are passionate about or that we dream about? Life can leave us feeling trapped or it can leave us feeling excited. We can also become trapped in the trappings and material items we buy. It is time to let go of the need for recognition, to look good to others, of the image of being a nice affluent person and to get real. This is the essence of success.

How many of us are happy in our own skin? How many of us are successful at really and I mean really loving yourself and seeing yourself for all the wonderful, positive and divine things that you do and are. We forget that we are so much more than these bodies and thoughts. We are divine beings with ultimate intelligence, wisdom and eternal energy. Once we are able to connect to this inner or higher aspect of ourselves, then we find that we are never truly alone. There is always more and we can connect to ourselves in a more successful and meaningful way. That is success and it can easily be achieved through meditation, body movement, taking responsibility for you and letting go of any baggage that weighs you down.

So what about shoulds vs musts? We all have gifts and talents in different aspects of our lives, like I have said before, we are all individuals. Is the thing you are doing now a must or a should? A should is something that others believe we are best doing, it has an element of control attached to it. It is the thing that others desire us to be and do and it is for their benefit not ours. A must is something that is like an inner voice inside us saying ‘I must do this …., doing this makes me feel alive.’

Life is meant for living. Life is for us to feel present in our bodies, to feel connected to our beliefs, desires, feelings, loves and losses. There is a certain sense of succeeding when we feel at home in our bodies and we come home to ourselves. It is better to feel the love from another and the hurt of pain, rather than to feel nothing at all. Start to take some chances, get out of the auto pilot seat and get into the driving seat of your life. Start doing the hobbies and creative things that you have always wanted to do now.

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