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To each of us success can mean different things. For me ‘success’ is not about the monetary and material possessions of life, I’m not opposed to them I simply prefer to embrace my happiness and well-being as a priority. Choosing to embrace happiness and well-being in my world gives me the strength and ease to live a life that is less angst and also more pleasurable for the people around me.

Focusing on making happiness and well-being a priority means that you have control of your life. Decisions will be made by you and actions taken to determine outcomes and create an attitude for how you will live. Life, when you take the time to sit back and observe it, can be simple, whilst at the same time complex and contradictory. But, firstly it all begins with you, yourself. When you can give to yourself what you require for your happiness and well-being, you’re then more able to give to others.

Life has this notion of energy (Qi) which is an ancient Chinese theory which refers to ‘yin-yang’ – two complementary yet opposing forces. To have one force we must have the other, for example day – night, hot – cold and happy – sad to name a few. It’s this understanding that helps when we are in need of balancing or finding clarity to some questions in life. Remember that we cannot have one experience without the other. Therefore with every circumstance in life, there is a choice in how you react or respond. Will you respond negatively or will you respond positively? It’s when you become aware of how you react to circumstances and respond with a harmless and positive attitude, that you can proudly acknowledge some personal success.

It’s also interesting to note that the cause and effect of your reaction or action to a circumstance will create a cause and effect for another person; that is they can also choose how to react. Hence, our actions create a vibe that is a continual motion. If you display negative energy, then expect a negative reaction that just may ricochet back to you. Likewise a positive action will often generate a positive response. Therefore, keep in mind that by giving happiness and kindness to another person, or animal for that matter, that is what you will most likely receive in return.

Having and practicing this understanding has helped me through two unexpected breast cancer diagnosis and all that was involved. There is no denying that the news of the diagnosis brought shock, anger, sadness, loss and a lot of other emotions and experiences. But taking time to ponder, I accepted my life situation and gave myself time to rest and recover without angst or negative attitude. The reminder that to have life we must have birth, therefore we must have death. The diagnosis was not terminal, but a definite prompt of life and how our circumstances can change without notice. No one has a crystal ball and no one knows what their duration of time on this planet is, so choose what your successes are to be and live them. Through this illness, I had decisions and choices to make and one was be miserable, bitter and resentful about my circumstance or grateful and joyful for what was in my life. I chose gratitude and joy. There were tears, but there was also laughter, a moment in life that I have defined as being out of my control and pivotal but which I am grateful for.

It is also a given that we each have our own lessons to sort through throughout our life. For me, whilst pondering and questioning the why and how, I could reflect back on a time of my life, a few years before the illness, where stress and unhappiness had loomed over me. As humans living in this modern world, we are resilient and we are tolerant, but at times we have a tendency to deprive ourselves of consciously living a healthy balanced life, until we crumble. It is then, if we look at our life, we may note imbalances or lack of care in regard to our mind-body-spirit. I’ve learnt that when these components, our mind-body-spirt, are excessively imbalanced illness and destruction can prevail.

As mentioned previously, as humans living in this modern day we are resilient, but only to a certain point. Remember to take some quiet time, reflect and look at yourself and your immediate world. Is it the way you want it to be? Are there negative environments or persons in your life, which are making you feel ill at ease? Remember, it is your life and only you can make decisions and any changes are your responsibility. I know I choose to keep my life wholesome by eliminating as many negative impacts on my mind – body – spirit as possible.

Here are some considerations to embrace living with a balanced mind – body – spirit:

MIND – don’t take on thoughts or waste mental energy trying to anticipate, change or control people’s actions. Learn to live in the moment and accept that sometimes what will be will be. If people wish to be harmful, that is their misfortune. Take time to meditate at the start and at the end of the day or throughout the day to feel a sense of ease and clarity. Once again, this is a place of acceptance. Accept that at times the ability to find an emptiness of thoughts and distraction comes easier than at other times.


This is a sample taken from a chapter in the book Success Unlimited. The chapter is written by Karen GoudgeClick here to pick up your copy.

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